Tesla Model 3. The logical purchase car lovers won’t make.

About a month ago I got to drive and experience the dual motor Tesla Model 3. I was expecting to fall in love with it. I remember getting out of it and my wife asking me if I wanted to buy a Model 3. My response was “Yeah maybe one day.” I wondered why I was not obsessed with Tesla like others are, after all I’m a car and technology enthusiast. Buying one should be an easy decision for me.

It got me thinking, why am I not in love. Why haven’t I thought about buying this car everyday since I drove it last. Let me start with what I loved about the car. Yes it is fast, extremely fast. If you’ve been in other sports cars you know speed builds up gradually. Being electric the power delivery is instant, the Model 3 knocks you back into your seat. You head will bump the front of your head rest and your stomach will get pushed back into your seat. I’ve never felt this in any other car. The acceleration is instant. Okay so we’ve got the exciting part out of the way. What else? Well the interior is surprisingly nice. The quality of finishes are nicer then I expected from the photos and the reviews. The giant touch screen in the middle of the front console didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. It makes the car feel like a giant iPhone. The minimal design is nice compared to most other cars still it’s not something to fall in love with. There is no sense of belonging in the interior. When you’re in the driver seat you feel like an after thought and not part of the driving experience. On a positive note I also loved the moon roof, opens the car up and gives you a warm feeling. The auto pilot system was cool too although we were using it in the suburbs of Sydney and not on the motorway. I can see how this can be the future. The interior treats the driver as a passenger because one day not too far way that’s how it’s going to be. A future of siting in your car while it drives you around. There are many other nice features but I wanted to cover what I thought was most important.

Couple of things that can be done better. The touch screen refresh rate was low. When you’re scrolling to find a station it feels choppy responding to your touch. If you’re comparing this to what we’re used to in our smart phones this isn’t the standard. Especially if you have an iPad Pro with 120hz refresh rate display. One last opportunity to mention would be product quality. The steering wheel made an annoying sound when you turn it 180 degrees which I’m sure can be fixed. There were other minor cosmetic imperfection on the exterior finishes but I’ll leave them out for now.

If you are in the market for mid side sedan the Model 3 would and should be an obvious choice. It makes logical sense. It’s a sensible car that’s electric, I value planet earth and I want to do my part. This can be one of many steps we can take. The buying experience would be better then buying anything else in its class. The software updates will continue to make the car better over time. The low cost of ownership also adds to the list of why you should buy this car and many have and will. I can’t stress this enough that the entire experience of owning a Tesla will be better then any other car in its class.

So it makes logical sense to buy this car. Your brain will tell you it’s the right decision to make. What about your heart? After putting my foot down on the pedal going 0–100 in just over 3 seconds I felt no lust for the Model 3. I felt no connection to the road and I felt no emotional connection to the car. It didn’t make me feel anything. Starting with the looks of the car, it’s pretty bloody bland. Just plain vanilla. The front on the car looks good but the roof-line and the back aren’t that appealing. I you think about it, the exterior of any car is the first thing you see. It should draw your attention and desire. Saying that, It is the best looking car Tesla makes but let’s be honest the bar is pretty low in my opinion. The Model S is an uglier Aston Martin wanna be. The Model X is a giant shoe box on wheels and the Cybertruck is just plain fugly. On top of the lack lustre exterior the minimalist interior doesn’t draw you in either. The feeling of being a driver is almost non existence. I am a fan of minimalism though in this car it doesn’t work. Sure I get that beauty is a matter of opinion but this isn’t a car for people who love cars and love driving. There is a feeling, an emotion you get from driving a mechanical European sports car. From changing the gears, to listening to the engine roar to connecting to the road and all the curves it has to offer. You have no emotional connection with the Model 3 or the road.

This is why I most likely won’t buy a Model 3 although as I type this sentence my brain is wondering why.

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